Exceptional financial performance. Exceptional service.

Oristano Capital Management LLC is an independent Investment Advisory firm providing consulting, educational and investment management services to institutional and private investors. Oristano Capital Management LLC was founded by Joseph Pickard, Jr., a private banker with a highly successful track record and many years of experience.

At Oristano Capital, we will always invest side by side with our serious long term investors in seeking financial independence and preservation of capital. We believe that a value oriented, well diversified, and properly correlated portfolio is the key to obtaining this result. Becoming a client with us is as easy as it is rewarding. Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Based on data from the past 10 years, Oristano Capital Management is ranked #4 in performance and #6 in lowest risk among 228 large cap core advisors.
-Zephyr Associates, a global leader in financial management industry analysis. Data from January 2002- December 2011.

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